Publications by Timothy B. Thornton

In addition to preparing outlines and other printed. materials for many of the lectures and presentations shown in Attachment B, the nominee has published the following articles:

"The Spouse's Right of Election in New York: Problems and Case Studies" chapter,
Inside the Minds:Strategies for Trusts and Estates in New York
, 2012 edition,
Aspatore Books, December 2011

33 Albany Law Review 173 (1968).
[Analysis of two U.S. Supreme Court Decisions:
Ginsberg vs. State of New York and
Interstate Circuit Inc. vs. City of Dallas
(U.S. Supreme Court, 1968)].

33 Albany Law Review 388 (1969)
[Analysis of Supreme Court decision
Presbyterian Church in the United States vs.
Mary Elizabeth Blue Hull Memorial Church
(U.S. Supreme Court, 1969)]

34 Albany Law Review 426 (1970)
[Provisional Remedies in New York Reappraised
under Sniadoch v. Family Finance Corp: A
Constitutional Flv in the Creditor' s Ointment.]

Various New York State Bar Association Legislative Reports, the most recent of which was a report on a bill to codify the Forfeiture Doctrine for perpetrators of murders and other killings who would otherwise inherit from their victims.